Breviin  Cloning Camps

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Our History

After a millenia of slowly dying out, the clan Breviin was even thought to no longer exist.
After Peter Max´s ascension to Aliit'Buir he started on searching for new ways to preserve the clan´s existence but there were just a few hunters left.
Peter Max with the help of his second in command and adopted adiik Xer`da Arman`de were able to contact a Kaminoan who offered them their technology to clone form their own DNA and restore Breviin to their ancient glory.

Soon after their contact with the kaminoan Peter and Xer discovered a hidden village in a jungle inside the tropical regions of Mandalore, and for Peter´s surprise they were all families and descendants of Breviin ancestors, they were separated from the rest of the Breviin communities after the first mandalorian war.

After the amazing discovery of those communities the Aliit'Buir decided to continue with the cloning program and produce armies for their allies and whoever pays enough and to expand their genetic code throughout the galaxy and restore Breviin to its ancient glory as one of the strongest Clans in the Galaxy.