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Nuruk Hud and the Klad Talisman

Posted by Peter Max on October 7, 2012 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Rowana Pellegrino was a Duros scout  of the planet Duro.

After the news that the klad talisman was stolen from the grave of the ancient king Probos winrel he embarked along with a few soldiers on a quest to retrieve the talisman back to his planet.


On one of their missions they found out that the talisman was stolen by a Neimoidian dealer.

Rowana Pellegrino the decided to hire some mercenaries to help him fight the Neimoidians.


He hired group of Mandalorians from the Clan Breviin. They fought together and managed to rescue the talisman; but Rowana after feeling the immense power of the talisman felt tempted to keep it by himself and not to return it to Duros.



The rest of the story  is still uncertain, did he returned the Talisman or became an outlaw corrupted by its power…….

You can no decide the fate of Rowana Pellegrino and his men by deciding if returning the talisman back to the duros comunity or to keep it and become an outlaw.

the package is composed of Rowana Pellegrino a scout NPC, 6 Duros Riflemen, 6 DY-225 and the Talisman (custom item)

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