Breviin  Cloning Camps

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Nuruk Hud and the Klad Talisman

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Rowana Pellegrino was a Duros scout  of the planet Duro.

After the news that the klad talisman was stolen from the grave of the ancient king Probos winrel he embarked along with a few soldiers on a quest to retrieve the talisman back to his planet.


On one of their missions they found out that the talisman was stolen by a Neimoidian dealer.

Rowana Pellegrino the decided to hire some mercenaries to help him fight the Neimoidians.


He hired group of Mandalorians from the Clan Breviin. They fought together and managed to rescue the talisman; but Rowana after feeling the immense power of the talisman felt tempted to keep it by himself and not to return it to Duros.



The rest of the story  is still uncertain, did he returned the Talisman or became an outlaw corrupted by its power…….

You can no decide the fate of Rowana Pellegrino and his men by deciding if returning the talisman back to the duros comunity or to keep it and become an outlaw.

the package is composed of Rowana Pellegrino a scout NPC, 6 Duros Riflemen, 6 DY-225 and the Talisman (custom item)

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status : sold


Breviin Clone Camps opens buisness to all customers

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The holorecorder flickers on. The scene is a strangely modified Luxury Space Station, with what appears to be cloning tanks throughout the station. A Kaminoan reporter stands in front of the holorecorder.


"Su cuy'gar! My name is Ni Sai, reporting for Clan Breviin's new company, Breviin Clone Camps.


A new service has been brought to the galaxy, under the leadership of Peter Max and Xer`da Arman`de.


This announcement has come after the first batch of clones was successfully created and finished their academy training.


With the help of Kaminoan technology and Mandalorian DNA, the clones have proven on many occasions that they are better than droids.


Most of these clones are made from Aliit'buir Peter Max's DNA, but several other sentients have offered to become donors.


Peter Max, the leader of Breviin and Breviin Clone Camps has shared a brief history about his clan for customers to get an idea of what this clones are made of."



The holorecorder moves to a human male sitting garbed in Mandalorian Armour, other than a helmet.


"A smaller clan from the tropical regions of Mandalore. We prefer to have zero direct contact with the outside world. Living in the tropical regions of Mandalore have caused we Breviin to prefer large forests and bodies of water. Breviin are hunters by nature. We pride ourselves on taking down the largest target. We Breviin are a hardy people, and while not being physically strong, our intelligence measures at scales rivaling Cereans. We are hunters, but know how to keep ourselves healthy. After a millenia of slowly dying out due to civil wars, our clan was thought to no longer exist."



Breviin warriors, known as A'den be Breviin, are experienced hunters. Sporting armour so different from one another, each warrior can be identified. Each set of armour is specially crafted to fit the warrior's personality, and is presented to them by the Aliit'buir. As of recently allowing other species to join the clan, Breviin have no common physical traits."

"So for all vode and anyone else, welcome to Breviin Cloning Camps!"


Department Support Troop (DST-304)

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Department Support Troop (DST-304)

Half a squad cloned by Breviin Clone Camp, recently graduated from the academy.

This batch of clones is very young so they specialize in recognition and scout missions.

The squad is composed by 6 Riflemen

They are all  cloned from Clan Breviin warriors(Mandalorian DNA)

They all have avilable skill points to assign

Riflemen Preview


   6x DLT-20a




price: 6,500,000 Cr.

Location: Brevin cloning camps exact coords will be given to buyer

Status: sold

CPM listing here

DM Peter Max for the details